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Here is a place to take some time out of our busy day to appreciate all the fine ceramic animals the the universe has conjured!

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  • Cussing
  • Speaking ill of the dead
  • Or anything deemed to be "Not in the spirit"

To all my friends out there in the many worlds, today I would like to show you the 6th addition to my collection.
Bernard was a gift from my a dear friend who was sadly lost during the great sinking of the east.
He has spent many a year on my shelf, baring witness the countless tragedies that have occured. All the best, Enid xox


Hello again to all my friends, like the inevitable cycle of life and death it seems that the seasons are once again subject to change.
In the face of the impending void it seems these two characters are still struggling with reconciliation.
Hope you're all having a wonderful day! xox  

Today friends, I would like to celebrate Haralson Willis Cubley in all his sombre wisdom.
Deftly perceptive, he never fails to see beyond the facade.
Hope everyone is loving the weather today! xox 

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my recent absence from the ceramic animal community.
As some of you may know, I have sadly been trapped under a fallen shelf for some time and have lost many of my companions as a result of the incident.
I thought I would return with a delightful picture of my old favourite Tippy!
Regardless of any harrowing events she always remains true, never betraying the sadness embedded within her eyes. xox


Hello my friends, it seems these two have fallen out of favour with one another.Perhaps they’re just looking for something different, a way out of all this.
A way back to those happier times, times with fish, times with red telephones hanging from the ceiling, times when a firm fingerless gloved handshake could last for 40 minutes.

Sadly, that ham has gone cold but I know which way my tips will be pointing, always and forever. Thank you for all your kind words and have a lovely day! :-) xox 

Hello friends, it seems I've rather let things slip.

I thought I could make it up with a picture of my flossy! I've always loved cats, ever since my flossy. It's a wonderful thing to give a pet to a child - providing they are fine and responsible! Yes, it's such a shame, so much blood. how can something that small contain so much blood.

Anyway, that's a silly old thing! I hope you're all having a wonderful day in the sun! Make sure that lettuce doesn't wilt! It's a funny spelling isn't it, lettuce! xox


It's good to be back. After a good solid day of polishing it's time to actually appreciate. Today we have a rather stern faced fellow by the name of Horace - named after my late grandfather who met his untimely demise at the hand (or foot) of a horseshoe. Not that it was attached to a horse at the time (thank the universe) but in fact on display as a luck charm. Sadly, as entropy would have it, luck wasn't on his side that day.

But that is a story for another time, I will leave you all go chickens. Bye for now! xox